32. With Kindness

Me, relaxed, holding a cup of tea, mostly nude, with my scars visible

Background: For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with accepting and loving my whole self. I have had a lot of challenging experiences in my life that have left sometimes very deep emotional scars. When things are going well, it’s easy to love and accept myself, but when times are hard and my scars are aching, it gets tough. I have been able to turn a page this fall, and have learned acceptance and love for myself even when I am hurting through loving kindness and mindful meditation. After going to a few artist collective open houses recently, and experiencing the power of others expressing themselves, I felt inspired to put stylus to screen and show where I feel scars in my body when I am having a tough time. Doing this was a practice in self acceptance and love, as well as a way to make my experience tangible.

[Scars Hidden Alternate]

31. Productivity

Friend woman: It's great that I have a procedure next week. I'll have to miss sprint planning at work!

30. Emergent Behavior

Friday. Man says: Yo speaker, play some mood music to end the week. Speaker plays: Baby, let's runaway now con la luna llena. Sunday. Man says: Yo speaker, put on some tunes to start the week. Speaker plays: Vete. Nadie te está aguantando y la puerta está abierta. Man, thinks: Gees, the algorithm had quite the weekend.

29. Irregular

Local Cafe. Man: Hi, how are you? Lady: What do you want? Man: ...a coffee please. Lady: K. Here you go. Some time later. Man: Hi, can I have a coffee please? Lady: K. Here you go. Man: Thanks. See you next week. Lady: I've never seen you before. Man: ...ok. Man thinking: I've only been coling here every week for 2 years. At least the coffee is good...

28. Endless

Man looking at phone: OK, how’s the ol’ to do list? Phone showing 5 completed work tasks. Man: Hell yeah! Phone showing 7 uncompleted personal tasks with more off-screen. Man: Fu–

27. Bug

Man: OK computer. Let's fix this bug. I think it's – Computer: No. Man: OK, maybe – Computer: No. Man: …Right, must be – Computer: No. Man: Got it. It's – Computer: No. You aren't going to get it, meat bag.

26. Again

BREAKING: mass-shooting in brooklyn subway. Gosh. How many shootings before something is done?

25. Conversation

Woman: ¿cómo estaba el fin desemana? Man: bien. hicimos... [404 memories not found]

Woman: ¿Cómo estaba el fin desemana?

Man: Bien. Hicimos… [404 memories not found]

24. Anticipation

man standing in front of giant calendar with days cross off before circle and days crossed off after thinking any day now...

23. Karma

man staring at receding hairline in mirror thinking "welp, that's what I get for teasing my brother about going bald…"

22. Parenting Cycle

man with happy expression; just have to; man with stressed expression; take it; man with sad expression; one day; man with relieved and proud expression; at a time

21. Pets

cat with smug expression: i puke in your bed when you no look

20. Goodbye

man: goodbye, colleague-man. we built a lot together. I hope we meet again...

20. Covid-19 Hobbies

spouse-man sitting on a dock, knitting into the ocean

19. Dream

Panel 1: man is smiling in bed while alarm clock ringing at 7:30 says “it’s a sunny Saturday and all is right in the world. Panel 2: man is enjoying a morning cup of coffee in the kitchen. Panel 3: man is sleeping in bed smiling, dreaming of that morning coffee. The clock says 7:29. Panel 4: man is scowling in bed while alarm clock ringing at 7:30 says “it’s a rainy Friday and all trains are delayed 40 minutes.”

18. Passed Away

man leaning against wall, thinking about a text he received from his dad saying his aunt passed away yesterday

17. Pending Revenge

man: OK, stomach, you've been awful for a month now, we're seeing the doctor. man's stomach: joke's on you! I'll be good for a week, then you'll pay.

16. Practicing

spouse-man: practicing how to draw new poses? man: mmhmm. spouse-man: well… you'll get it eventually

15. Time Warp

man using Mac Plus in monochrome world. spouse-man: is it just me, or are things... less colorful than usual?

14. Hat

A long running joke in our relationship is my wanting a cowboy hat, and my husband strongly disapproving of the idea. One day!

man smiling: what do you think of my new hat? spouse-man: no. absolutely no cowboy hats! man: aw. you're just jealous!

13. Dark Mirror

I have been trying to sum up how the last four years in the US have felt, seeing people who look like me that come from similar backgrounds be so full of hatred

man looking into a mirror with a sad expression. the reflection is smiling maliciously

12. Coping

Paying homage to a classic

coping: man laying on sofa listening to music with headphones while fire rages outside window

11. Tower-19

pixel art. man facing out open door in decaying stone tower, looking at night sky full of stars

10. Vacation

Spouse man to man sitting at table with laptop computer: We should really take a vacation. Laptop computer screen: the world is closed. Man: Right. Staycation it is.

9. The News

man sitting in front of TV showing news about COVID-19, global warming, and section 230 repeal attempts: gees. I should really take a break from the news...

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