47. Dress Code

47. Dress Code. Man looking at himself in the mirror with an amused expresssion thinking this is going to take some getting used to after working in tech... On the dresser is a note which reads dress code: blue dress shirt, dark pants, maroon tie

46. Tired

46. Tired. Man standing and waving his hand enthusiastically at a school sporting event yelling woo! yeah! go son, go! while thinking I definitely slept more than 3 hours and have the energy for this, yes!

45. Side Effects

45. Side Effects. Man standing in the bathroom with a pill in hand is thinking welp, here geos another new medication. Later, man sitting in chair looking at his watch thinks ah, time for bed. Man stands up and falls forward, feeling dizzy. He says uh oh. Man falls backwards into his chair, completely disoriented.

44. Flashpoint, Part 7/7

Flashpoint, part 7 of 7. Boy is laying in his bed at the end of the day. He overhears his mother and step father arguing. I can't believe what a fuck up you are as a parent! Me?! It's your fault most of the kids are gone! He thinks to himself, sadly, I guess this is my life now. I thought we were all supposed to stick together...

43. Flashpoint, Part 6/7

Flashpoint, part 6 of 7. Boy and his mother are sitting in the car at twilight, going to denny's. Boy says he's not coming back, is he? His mother responds no, I don't think so. Boy thinks to himself, just like my real brother.

42. Flashpoint, Part 5/7

Flashpoint, part 5 of 7. Boy is sitting slumped in an easy chair in a dark room. His mother is standing in the doorway. She says hey kid. He responds hey mom. His mother says none of this was your fault, ok? Boy says I know. His mother continues let's go to denny's, just you and me. your step dad is pretty sad and needs some space. Boy responds ok.

41. Flashpoint, Part 4/7

Flashpoint, part 4 of 7. Boy is looking down from a second floor window. Below him, his step brother's mother says what the hell were you thinking?! Step brother says I don't know mom, we were bored. His mother retorts you are out of control! pack your bags, you're coming to live with me. His father interjects wait, don't I get a say in this? His step mother says no, you had your chance to be a good father. While this is happening, boy is thinking would this have gone differently if I'd called someone? but who could've even helped?

40. Flashpoint, Part 3/7

Flashpoint, part 3 of 7. Boy is angrily walking away holding his bee bee gun while his step brother's friend yells asshole! He is thinking whatever. it's mine. Boy walks into his house. By the front door, he thinks I can't believe my own step brother would steal my bee bee gun. His face falls, and he thinks wow, that was dumb of me. he and his friends are out of control. I could've really gotten hurt...

39. Flashpoint, Part 2/7

Flashpoint, part 2 of 7. Boy is standing between his step brother and his step brother's friend. His step brother's friend is holding a gun, and behind him a window is shot out. Boy angrily says that's my bee bee gun, give it to me. The friend, now confused, says erm. The step brother sheepishly says do it...

38. Flashpoint, Part 1 of 7

Flashpoint, part 1 of 7. Boy sitting at his computer overhears nice shot! from outside and says hmm? Boy looks out the window with a mild expression and hears hahaha! duuude! He thinks to himself I wonder what they're up to. hey, wait... Boy is still looking out the window, now angry. That's mine! he thinks. Boy storms away from the window, furious.

37. Broken Filling

man holding side of mouth says "This is karma for questioning my dentist's skills while on a trip. Damn."

36. Two Weeks

Work colleague says Hey man, sorry to hear you're leaving. I learned tons from you. Man says Hey, yeah, thanks. It was great to work with you too. Another work colleague is waiting to speak to man. Man thinks I'm out of unique nice things to say, I hope no one notices...

17. Pending Revenge

man: OK, stomach, you've been awful for a month now, we're seeing the doctor. man's stomach: joke's on you! I'll be good for a week, then you'll pay.

10. Vacation

Spouse man to man sitting at table with laptop computer: We should really take a vacation. Laptop computer screen: the world is closed. Man: Right. Staycation it is.

8. Moved

man: it took 4 weeks, but we're moved out of our apartment. spouse man: does that mean we're done with city living? man: I suppose it does. spouse man: well, cheers to that!

3. Moving

2. Painting

1. What?